Dickinson Marine, Newport Propane (LPG) Heater / Fireplace, P9000


Dickinson Marine, Newport Propane (LPG) Heater / Fireplace, P9000
SKU: 20009
Mfg# 00-NEW-P9000
UNIT: Each
Width x Depth x Height: 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 14"Flue Size: 2-1/2" dia x 30"Weight of Unit: 15 lbs
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The Dickinson Newport P9000 Propane Boat Heater/Fireplace makes a lovely addition to your boat, tiny home, ice fishing hut or other small, enclosed space. The P9000 delivers heat levels ideal for warming 800 cubic feet; that's a typical 30 to 32 foot boat. Dickinson builds the P9000 to withstand harsh marine environments and the built-in blower circulates the heat to eliminate cold zones on your boat. The Newport P9000 comes with a stainless steel backing plate, 28 inches of flexible stainless chimney and the deck fitting cap.

  • Compact design, with attractive appearance, made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Bulkhead mount with large ceramic glass viewing window and safety screen.
  • Unaffected by motion, winds or weather conditions.
  • Safe, manual ignition with variable heat output and excellent thermal efficiency.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Limited one year manufacturer's warranty on workmanship and materials.


To complete your Newport Heater installation you need the following items:
If there is one propane appliance:

  • : Single Stage Regulator
  • : Fittings Kit
  • : 10ft Hose
If there are two propane appliances:
  • : Two Stage Regulator
  • : Fittings Kit
  • : 2 Appliance Fitting & Shut-off Kit
  • : 10ft Hose, x2
If there are three propane appliances:
  • : Two Stage Regulator
  • : Fittings Kit
  • : 2 Appliance Fitting & Shut-off Kit
  • : 3rd Appliance Add-on Fittings with Shut-off
  • : 10ft Hose, x3


The Newport comes with:


P9000 LPG unique compact design prevents oxygen depletion and combustion gas emissions. The combustion process is completely isolated within the heater by the unique, direct vent design. Its safe manual ignition and large glass viewing area make it a great addition to all vessels. The Newport P9000 uses low pressure propane, with fuel consumption varying from 1 lb bottle/7 hrs to 1 lb bottle/5 hrs.


  • 12 volt DC blower fan
  • 28" (70cm) Direct Vent Pipe Kit
    • 1-1/2" diameter (37.5mm) Inner S/S Pipe
    • 2-1/2" diameter (62.5mm) Outer S/S Pipe
  • 4 spacer springs, installed inside pipe
  • Stainless Steel Double Direct Vent Flue Cap
  • Sealing Gasket
  • Inner Dress Ring
  • Mounting screws
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mount Backing Plate
    • Approximate cubic footage this unit will heat based on an average climate itÍs installed in, the altitude being sea level and a well insulated area is 10' x 10' x 8' = 800 cuft
    • Heat Output:
    • Low: 3,200 BTU
    • High: 4,500 BTU
    • Fuel Consumption:
    • 1 lb - 7 hrs
    • 20 lb - 140 hrs LOW 1 lb - 5 hrs
    • 20 lb - 100 hrs HIGH
    • Mounting Backplate:
    • W 8.375_ D0.650_ H23_
  • Dickinson Newport(PDF)



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