Caframo 806 Ecofan BelAir, Low Temperature Stove Fan, 140 CFM, 6"




Caframo's BelAir 806 Ecofan operates at temperatures between 167 Deg. F to 392 Deg. F to distribute your boats heat throughout the cabin and increase your comfort on board. The BelAir moves 140 CFM using the 6" diameter blade and is specially designed for use on gas stoves.

  • Distributes heat throughout the cabin
  • Increases comfort - no more hot or cold spots
  • Uses no electricity
  • Cordless, ready to use, just place it and watch it start
  • Silently pushes up to 140 CFM
  • Starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the surface temperature
  • "Low Temperature" for gas stoves with surface temperatures 167 Deg. F to 392 Deg. F (75 Deg. C to 200 Deg. C)
  • Size: 6" x 2-1/2" x 6-1/2"
  • Backed by a 2 Year Mfr. Warranty

Maximize the warmth of your woodstove by boosting its efficiency up to 30% with the innovative Ecofan. Using simple thermodynamic technology, the hotter your stove gets, the faster it quietly propels heat back into your living space using zero electricity. Peak performance occurs at surface temperatures of 167 Deg. -392 Deg. F. A temperature-sensitive, bimetal strip on the unit automatically tilts it slightly to prevent overheating.

The new and improved Ecofan has a larger heat-absorbing surface area that multiplies its capacity to transfer the fire's BTUs into your environment. The two blade unit moves an impressive 140 cubic feet of air per minute. Made of anodized aluminum, fans won't rust or corrode.

This fan does not use any batteries or wall cords.

These fans have a thermoelectric module which acts as a small generator to power the fan's motor. When this generator module experiences a heat differential between it's top and bottom surfaces, it pumps out electricity. The bottom surface of the module is heated by the base of the fan, while the top of the module is kept cooler by the fan's top cooling fins.

The generator module is a unique semiconductor device that relies upon the Seebeck effect to generate electricity. When two dissimilar semiconductors (p-type and n-type) at the same temperature are connected together they establish a static electric potential difference. With the introduction of a temperature difference, heat flows across the joined semiconductors which in turn permits electrons to flow. With the electron flow or current comes the ability to power electrical devices such as the fan's motor.

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Item #
Blade Color
Caframo 806 Ecofan BelAir, Low Temperature Stove Fan, Black, Nickel Blades, 140 CFM, 6"
Item #:531468-NCKL
Blade Color: Nickel
Caframo 806 Ecofan BelAir, Low Temperature Stove Fan, Black, Gold Blades, 140 CFM, 6"
Item #:531468-GLD
Blade Color: Gold



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We had a less expensive Caframo fan that didn't spin very quickly and eventually stopped. We returned and did some more research. This LOW TEMPERATURE fan works great on top of our Jotul gas stove. Moves more warm air and we can place it on a less hot corner of the stove where it blows across more of the stove moving more warm air. Love it!




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