Frigoboat Filter/Drier, with Frigoboat Fittings

Mfr: Frigoboat Marine Refrigeration
Frigoboat, Filter/Drier, with Frigoboat Fittings, Pre-charged
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Mfg# E53275
LFS# FGBE53275
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Frigoboat Filter/Drier, with Frigoboat Fittings
There are several remedial uses for this device to address a capillary tube blockage or evaporator plate damage:
  • When a damaged evaporator plate needs to be replaced, this device will reduce the risk of contaminating the compressor
  • To address an excessive level of moisture in the system, introduced through poor servicing techniques, or from being drawn in as air from a leak on the suction side of the system when in a vacuum
  • The system should be evacuated by a professional marine refrigeration technician, any leaks repaired, and this Filter/Drier installed
  • When suspected dirt or debris is blocking the capillary tube, and remedial actions are unsuccessful, then the evaporator needs to be replaced and this device installed in line
  • An alternative solution to this last problem is the Cap Tube Filter; no evaporator replacement is necessary, but a professional marine refrigeration technician is required
  • Comes precharged with R134a and the exclusive quick disconnect Frigoboat fittings.

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