Groco, Engine Flush Kit & Adapter

Mfr: Groco
$99.44 to $189.79

$99.44 to $189.79


Easy Access Emergency & Engine Maintenance Port
Add an SSC to the outflow side of your engine's raw water seacock to allow instant emergency bilge pumping, or to simplify winterization and cooling system flushing. The SSC contains an O-ring sealed side port with a removable twist-lock plug held in place by two dogs on the side of the plug.
  • Diameter = Pips Size
  • In an emergency, while the engine is running, close the seacock and remove the quick release plug. Excess bilge water can be pumped overboard by the engine raw water pump
  • For winterization, close the seacock, remove the quick release plug and insert the service adaptor (included)
  • For cooling system flushing, close the seacock and insert the service adaptor. Dockside water can be used to flush the cooling system with the engine running at idle speed
  • Bronze full-flow valve is UL listed
  • Note: Do not remove the quick release plug while the seacock is open; orient the SSC so the plug is blocked by the seacock handle when the valve is open.
  • Data Sheet


Item #
Pipe Size
Hose I.D.
Groco, Engine Flush Kit & Adapter, 3/4"
Item #:531612-3/4"
Pipe Size: 3/4"
Hose I.D.: 3/4"
Length: 3.90"
Groco, Engine Flush Kit & Adapter, 2"
Item #:531612-2"
Pipe Size: 2"
Hose I.D.: 2"
Length: 5.2"
Groco, Engine Flush Kit & Adapter, 1-1/4"
Item #:531612-1-1/4"
Pipe Size: 1-1/4"
Hose I.D.: 1-1/4"
Length: 4.55"
Groco, Engine Flush Kit & Adapter, 1-1/2" Diameter
Item #:531612-1-1/2"
Pipe Size: 1-1/2"
Hose I.D.: 1-1/2"
Groco, Engine Flush Kit & Adapter, 1" Diameter
Item #:531612-1"
Pipe Size: 1"
Hose I.D.: 1"



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Flush Kit Work Great!


Installed this Groco/flush kit along with a shutoff valve @output of my Groco thru hull strainer and it work really great. I also gone ahead and installed the optional bilge kit. Kit not available anymore, but you can buy the T connector, shutoff valve and run the hose under the engine . No need for bilge strainer. work great also...

Best Engine Saving/Life Saving Product on the Market!


Amazing product! A must have for any inboard boat owner. The fact it can be a life saving device in the event your boat begins taking on water is reason alone for owning this product.....and at a price that destroyed the other competition! I have twin 454 Crusaders on my 29 Blackfin. I love the ability to flush my entire raw water cooling system in a matter of minutes. I can literally connect to and flush both engines, start to finish, in less than 10 minutes. The concept got me interested, procrastination and high price kept me from buying! Then I saw the Go2Marine price. Game over!




GROCO will repair or replace, at its discretion, any part of any of its products which is determined to be defective by the factory or by an authorized GROCO service center within one year of the OEM installation date or the distributors original date of sale.


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  • Manufacturer defects reported within 30 days of receipt will be supplied a pre-paid label for return shipping upon approval.
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