Norton Combination Extremely Coarse/Medium Sharpening and Honing Stone

Norton Combination Extremely Coarse/Medium Sharpening and Honing Stone
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Maintain a sharp blade with this combination whetstone from Norton. Dull knives aren't just difficult to use; they're also a safety hazard! With this stone, you'll be able to keep your knives sharp long after the original edge wears down. The stone features two sides of varying grit levels, one that's extremely coarse and the other that's moderately coarse. Together, the two sides make the stone a convenient and compact tool, perfect for any kitchen setting! Made with aluminum oxide abrasive, this stone can be used with either water or oil. Plus, it's well suited for all sizes of knives, making it great for any prep station or commercial kitchen. The dual-sided stone allows the user to conveniently sharpen and hone their knife with one tool, allowing for consolidation when possible. This stone's extremely coarse (Grit 100) side is perfect for creating a new edge, while the medium (Grit 320) side is great for honing and maintaining the edge of the knife. Because it has a large surface area, the stone requires fewer passes than other stones to sharpen knives. This means that you'll have them sharpened in a fraction of the time!

  • Length: 8"
  • Width: 2"
  • Heigth: 1"
  • Grit Level: Extremely Coarse (100 Grit), Medium-Coarse (320 Grit)
  • Material: Aluminum Oxide



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