Pontoon Boat Extra Wide, Select Fit Boat Cover

$575.99 to $756.99

$575.99 to $756.99


Designed to fit pontoon boats when the bimini top or hard top is folded down. Covers will accommodate boats with or without windshields or windscreens. Accommodates outboard or I/O stern drive models.


  • This cover is designed based on the style of the boat not actual make and model. Any post factory add-ons (ie. towers, antennas, mounts, etc.) may make this boat cover not fit as expected.
  • Manufactured in one foot length increments.
  • O/B motor hoods sold separately
  • Full trailerablity
  • Sewn in reinforcement for factory windshield or factory trolling motor only
  • Rope (NOT stretch cord) sewn into hem to pull tight to secure cover
  • Two sewn-in circulation vents to reduce moisture build up; promote longer cover life
  • Strong, twist resistant double stitched tie down loops


Sharkskin Plus -Good

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 6.5 oz. acrylic coated 100% polyester
  • Material is vented to allow breathability
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Lightweight, yet strong and easy to handle.

Sharkskin SD Supreme - Better

  • 7.5oz. solution dyed 100% polyester
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Material is vented to allow breathability
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Durable and long-lasting color

Sunbrella - Best

  • 7-year manufacturer warranty/10-year fabric warranty
  • 9.25 oz 100% acrylic
  • Material is breathable
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Premium long-lasting durable fabric
  • Numerous fade-resistant color options
  • 7-year manufacturer warranty/10-year fabric warranty


Fast and Free Shipping

Westland boat covers are made-to-order. Westland boat covers ship from Texas and typically take 3-5 business days, Monday through Friday, to sew. (Orders may occasionally take longer, depending on the amount of covers Westland is sewing.) We offer Free Ground Shipping within the Contiguous United States.

Boat Cover Features

  • Draw Rope Sewn Into Hem to Pull Cover Tight
  • Tie Down Loops Double Sewn for Added Strength and Stability
  • Water, snow, and ice resistant
  • Acceptable for trailering (high-speed tested), lift or slip storage
  • All covers come with two sewn in vents to help prevent moisture and mildew build up

Due to the countless display configurations and monitor settings, colors may appear slightly different than what you see here.


Item #
Centerline Length
Max Beam Width
Pontoon Boat Ext, Select Fit Boat Cover Length 25'6"-26'5" Beam 110" Sharkskin Plus
Item #:549215-26'5"-110"-SharkskinPlus
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
Centerline Length: 25'6"-26'5"
Max Beam Width: 110"
Pontoon Boat Ext, Select Fit Boat Cover Length 25'6"-26'5" Beam 110" Sharkskin Supreme
Item #:549215-26'5"-110"-SharkskinSuprme
Fabric: Sharkskin Supreme
Centerline Length: 25'6"-26'5"
Max Beam Width: 110"



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How do I measure for the right cover?

A: Measuring your boat for the right Westland cover is easy! Start with a straight-line measurement down the center of your boat, from bow to stern. Then, measure the beam width, or the widest point of your boat.
For runabout boats Westland takes the drive type into consideration.

What fabric choices are available?

A: Westland's quality, handsewn covers are customizable to match the style you're looking for and the durability you need. Westland offers premium Sunbrella fabric and their in-house brand, Sharkskin Plus or Sharkskin Supreme and 35 different colors to match your boat and budget.

How is the cover secured to boat?

A: Westland uses a heavy duty 1/4" draw rope to achieve a tight fit with your cover, every time you use it. Unlike shock cord, which breaks down in the sun and can result in a ripped boat cover when you need it the most, the draw rope is going to maintain its integrity and keep your boat protected without loosening up with age or from the sun. This is just one of the many things Westland does to make sure you get a high quality, durable boat cover that you can rely on.

Which covers are trailerable?

A: All Westland boat covers are sewn and reinforced to be trailerable with straps, with the exception of our drift, inflatables, and pontoon covers. The straps include a locking buckle mechanism that effectively ties down your boat cover for safety and reliability while you're on the road. Straps are not included with Select Fit Boat Covers.

Q:Does Westland make snap covers?

A: No. Instead of making snap covers, Westland secures all covers with a heavy duty unbreakable rope.

Q:Will my cover mildew?

A: Mold and mildew are an inevitable concern in marine environments. That's why high-quality boat covers, like Westland's, are made with naturally mildew-resistant fabrics and are designed to provide superior protection against these potentially damaging fungal infestations. Westland's covers include sewn-in ventilation, an effective precautionary measure that cuts down on mildew build-up, and provides an escape route for moisture.

For an added level of protection, Westland also recommends using a boat cover support pole or HangTyte to prevent water pooling on the cover. Westland's vented boat cover support poles help to prevent water formation, which can cause sagging and mildew. When properly cleaned and maintained, your Westland cover will provide effective protection for your boat, helping to prevent both mold and mildew to keep your boat looking great.

Q:I see cheaper covers online. Why buy a Westland cover?

A: With many covers, what you see is what you get, but that isn't the case with a Westland boat cover. Westland starts with a solid foundation, high quality water-resistant polyester or acrylic material that offers good breathability and a long lifespan that makes the investment worth it. Unlike the cheaper covers you can find online, which are made of lightweight cotton-poly blend and nylon materials, your Sharkskin or Sunbrella Westland boat cover is going to have UV protection and fade resistance to make it last.

Westland focuses on superior quality and value, so every boat cover is hand sewn and designed for a perfect fit. We sew in ventilation for water resistance to prevent the build-up of fungal infestations, such as mold and mildew. A cheaper cover just isn't going to be able to deliver when it gets put to the test, but a Westland boat cover will.

Q:How durable is the fabric?

A: All of Westland's custom boat covers are made from high quality, durable Sharkskin polyester or Sunbrella acrylic materials. These materials are the two most trusted and reliable fabrics known to withstand harsh marine and road conditions. With either option, you can travel worry-free knowing that your cover will keep your boat safe from the elements or winds on the road. Westland is confident your boat cover will perform for years to come, but if anything were to happen they stand by their warranties, including 3-year to 7-year warranties for Sharkskin covers and a 10-year warranty for Sunbrella covers.

Q:Does the cover have any reinforcements?

A: All Westland covers are hand-sewn, which grants them the unique ability to add in extra layers of protection where it's needed the most. Their custom boat covers have additional fuzzy reinforcements sewn in at critical points to help reduce the risk of tearing at typical wear points. These fuzzy reinforcements prolong the life of your cover while also protecting your boat from scratches caused by buckles and zippers.



Free Ground Shipping on BOAT COVERS in the lower 48 States (aka contiguous United States).

Return Policy

Westland Boat Covers and Bimini Tops are custom made at the Westland factory for each order based on customer's boat and choice of fabric material and color - as a result they are NOT RETURNABLE (except in the case of manufacturing defects).

Fabric Warranty

Sharkskin Plus (5 year warranty)
12 month free replacement
13-20 months60% off invoice purchase price
21-30 months40% off invoice purchase price
31-50 months30% off invoice purchase price
51-60 months20% off invoice purchase price
Sharkskin Supreme SD (7 year warranty)
24 month free replacement
25-36 months60% off invoice purchase price
37-48 months50% off invoice purchase price
49-60 months40% off invoice purchase price
61-72 months30% off invoice purchase price
73-84 months20% off invoice purchase price
Sunbrella (10 year warranty)
24 month free replacement
24-36 months60% off invoice purchase price
37-48 months50% off invoice purchase price
49-60 months40% off invoice purchase price
61-72 months30% off invoice purchase price
73-84 months20% off invoice purchase price
85-96 months15% off invoice purchase price
97-120 months10% off invoice purchase price

Warranty Conditions


Retailer Receipt or Proof of Purchase must be presented for any warranty transaction. Please keep your receipt and any tags removed from your products. Warranty takes effect from date of initial retail purchase. The original purchase date must be clearly displayed on the purchase receipt.


Warranty Items Not Covered

Not covered under warranty is damage caused by misuse, accident, neglect, improper installation (this includes damage by allowing straps to whip against the side of the boat) or maintenance. Warranty is void if your product is contaminated with tree sap, improper chemicals, bleach, gasoline, oils and other liquids not defined to be part of the normal cleaning procedure. Additional items not covered include damage as a result of animals such as rodents, birds, pets, insects, etc. Product is also not covered if any damage is incurred as a result of coming into contact with sharp objects that would result in punctures or tears. Acid rain and exposure to other pollutants may also void warranty. Do not allow water, snow, or ice to pool on product as this will degrade the cover's water repellency and potentially cause mildew or premature leakage.


To prevent this from occurring, it is highly recommended that you install a Westland vented boat pole (#5007-5) or standard boat pole (5010AP) to raise the center of your cover so water, snow and ice run off and do not collect. The Westland vented boat pole will also prolong the life of your cover, as well as help protect your boat's interior from mildew. All incidental and/or consequential damages are excluded from the warranty. Implied warranties are limited to the life of the warranty. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may apply. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other legal rights which typically vary from state to state.