ACR ResQFlare, Electronic Distress Flare - LNK-ERS1


Electronic Distress Flare - LNK-ERS, ACR ResQFlare
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Mfg# 3966
LFS# ACR3966
UNIT: Each
Size: 2.36" X 8.07"Visibility Miles: 6.2 MilesOperation Time: >20 hours
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The ACR ResQFlare is a high intensity LED Electronic Distress Flare. Sold with the included daytime distress flag, the ResQFlare and accompanying flag are certified to meet the applicable U.S. Coast Guard requirements allowing them to be carried in lieu of traditional pyrotechnic flares (U.S. only). As a convenient alternative to pyrotechnic flares, the ResQFlare provides 360° visibility for over 6 miles and its efficient design allows for substantial operational life (burn time), drastically increasing your chances of survival and rescue.
  • Approved Replacement for Pyrotechnic Flares
  • Waterproof Buoyant Construction

The ResQFlare facilitates rescue by emitting the flash characteristic for the International Morse Code for S-O-S. Operating on just two user replaceable C-Cell Alkaline batteries, the ResQFlare’s high efficiency electronics allow it to maintain the USCG required 75 cd peak equivalent fixed intensity for over 20 hours (more than 3 times longer than the USCG requirement for maintaining this level of light intensity). With its user replaceable battery power source, the ResQFlare provides years of service while also negating common inconveniences of pyrotechnic flares including their expiry dates and stringent mandatory disposal requirements.

Meeting the requirements of 46 CFR 161.013, the ResQFlare is classified as an approved Night Visual Distress Signal. Given that a Distress Flag, meeting the requirements of 46 CFR 160.072, is included in the package with every ResQFlare, users are also provided with an approved Day Visual Distress Signal (the requirement for carriage of approved day and night visual distress signals can be found in 33 CFR part 175).

The supplied Distress Flag provides numerous daylight signaling options. The flag can be flown by attaching to the mast or simply hoisting to the highest possible point. It can also be displayed by hand, tied to, and then waved on items such as a boat hook, paddle, or fishing rod, or it can be laid flat on the deck to attract aircraft. The flag should be used only as a day signal and when displayed correctly, the black square should be over the black circle.

Carriage of the ResQFlare and Distress Flag together allows boaters to forego the requirement for traditional pyrotechnic flares when on vessels up to 65’ in length, boating on the Great Lakes, within 12 miles of U.S. waters, or on any body of water with a passageway to the sea at least two miles wide. Vessels less than 16’ are not required to carry a Day Visual Distress Signal but must still carry a Night Visual Distress Signal, making the ResQFlare a more than viable alternative to pyrotechnic flares for vessels of this size as well.

The addition of the ResQFlare to ACR’s line of boating safety gear provides U.S. recreational boaters with a comprehensive distress signaling solution. When paired with an ACR EPIRB or Personal Locator Beacon, USCG rescue personnel not only know where you are within minutes, but also have a visual reference light to home in on from up to 6 miles away.


ResQFlare (Electronic Distress Flare)


C Cell Alkaline Batteries (x2) (Not Included)

Battery Replacement

Replace Batteries Annually

Light Source

High Efficiency 0.5W LED (x7)

Light Color



φ2.36” x 8.07” (φ60 x 205 mm)

Weight (excluding batteries and flag)

0.3 lbs (135g)


SOS Distress Signal Light (meets USCG specifications for a Night Visual Distress Signal as required by 33 CFR part 175)

Light Intensity

≥75cd (6.2 miles visual distance)

Operation Time

≥20 hrs over 75 cd (room temperature)

Waterproof Level



Inherently Buoyant (no buoyancy/flotation ring necessary)

Storage Temperature

-22°F 149°F (-30℃ 65℃)

Working Temp.

30.2°F - 86°F (-1℃ 30℃)




1 Year

Environmental Performance

Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Mycete-proof, Corrosion-proof, and Waterproof. Meet RoHS and asbestos-free requirements.


Certified to meet USCG 161.013, CE approval

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Do not use in connection with drinking water. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to



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