Asano 150mm Tough Hanging Roller Block Type II

Mfr: Asano

Asano 150mm Tough Hanging Roller Block Type II
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Tough Hanging Roller Type II has a working load limit of 5 tons. However, strength is not the only advantage. The large space between the body and the sheave allows small fittings and thick ropes to pass through smoothly. Ropes with a diameter of up to 32 mm can be used. A structure in which both ends of the sheave are fitted into the main body prevents ropes from getting caught. Development of this product started based on feedback we received at an exhibition in the U.S., and we repeatedly improved it to arrive at this Type II that is now used and highly valued by customers in Japan as well.


  • Best match with Asano snap hook, the opening is large enough to allow small fittings such as a size 1SH Snap Hook to be pulled through easily. We recommend that Snap Hooks are used with the hanging roller. Thick ropes are also handy to use in combination with it.
  • Asymetric design that solves issues, one of the issues we faced during development was how to enable a metal fitting to pass through and be pulled up between the sheave and the main body. The asymmetric design allows a metal fitting to move upwards without getting caught on the edges of the main body.
  • A structure that incorporates imrpoved safety, applied load is not concentrated on one spot but distributed thanks to the upper part of the body being slightly trimmed compared to the lower section. In addition, the end of the bolt that secures the sheave pin is caulked in order to securely fix the bolt.
Size (sheave dia.)(mm)Max. rope dia.(mm)Unit weight(kg)Working load limit (t)



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