Asano Auto Shackle Type 4 Size S

Mfr: Asano

Asano Auto Shackle Type 4 Size S
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A new compact rigging hardware product, Auto Shackle Type IV, which inherited the basic concept - "quick release" and "secure rigging" - of ASANO's Auto Shackle series. This product has been developed to be used with aquaculture nets. The gate can be released remotely by pulling a rope attached to the main body.

Material: Special stainless steel, Spring pin: SUS304 (AK18257 only)

This product is fishing gear. Do not use it as a hanging hook for cargo handling. The gate may open unintentionally due to physical shock. If the gate is released while a load is applied, the main unit may be subjected to strong impact and the product may be damaged, or an accident may occur, such as a released load hitting the surrounding objects or people.


  • Noteworthy top ring design

    The gate can be released remotely by pulling a rope attached to the main body. In order to broaden the range of use, it is designed so that the rope can be pulled from multiple directions as shown in the photos.

  • Unique gate open mechanism

    The unique gate open mechanism makes it not necessary to operate underwater every time when releasing each connecting part such as nets and weights. It means that it can be operated even from the surface of the sea. This reduces the workload and contributes to the improvement of work efficiency.

  • Replaceable spring

    For Type IV-B, if the performance of the spring deteriorates due to certain factors such as aging, it can be replaced with a new one by removing the spring pin in the main body using a tool like punch as shown in the photos.

Type D(mm)D1(mm)d(mm)L(mm)L1(mm)B(mm)B1(mm)B2(mm)B3(mm)Unit Weight(g)Work Load Limit(kg)



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