Asano Purse Ring Type BL Size 60

Mfr: Asano

Asano Purse Ring Type BL Size 60
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Mfg# AK18280
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A key feature of this newly released ring is the proprietary design gate which can be opened with the press of a button. This helps prevent the gate from being opened by accident, ensuring greater safety. The hook uses an interlocking system to securely latch onto the product, allowing for a greater working load limit. Not only can the internal spring in the gate be replaced when experiencing deteriorating performance as a result of aging and other factors, the roller can be replaced as well. This product offers outstanding convenience, and provides the user with peace of mind from not having to worry about durability when using for extended periods of time. SCM roller model for metal wire ropes is also available.

Material: Special stainless steel, Roller shaft/spring/set screw: SUS304, Bush/lock pin: copper alloy

Textile ropes are recommended for use due to the material of the rollers (special stainless steel). If metal wire ropes are used, the roller may be scratched depending on the operating conditions such as the load.


  • The roller part that makes the difference

    The shape of the roller edge part covers the body to prevent the purse line from rubbing against it. The roller can be removed and replaced. To replace the roller, ① Remove the hexagonal socket head set screw (M8). ② Remove the roller shaft (M16). After reinstalling the roller, apply ThreeBond MEC thread lock (No. 2446) or similar adhesive to the thread of ①.

  • Replaceable spring

    If the performance of the spring deteriorates due to certain factors such as aging, the built-in spring can be replaced by removing the screw.

Size D(mm)L(mm)L1(mm)L2(mm)L3(mm)A(mm)A1(mm)B(mm)B1(mm)B2(mm)B3(mm)S(mm)Hex. Wrench dia.(mm)Unit Weight(kg)Work Load Limit(t)



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