Replacement Boat Lift Canopies



Important Information on Purchasing a canopy for your boat lift

Shoretex produces a line of replacement canopies under the name Covertuff. We have sold hundreds of these canopies over the years and have gotten a great response from our customers. If there is ever an issue with the fit, Shoretex has been able in many cases to modify the canopies afterward. However, when purchasing a canopy top, please follow the guidelines below for the best fit.

Measuring Instructions for: Shore Station & Lakeshore Canopy Aluminum Frames.

Length= Measure the 4” round side tube (without ends) and add 24”.

Ex: Side tube measures 20’, then add 24” to get 22’ length.

Width= Measure the INSIDE Width of canopy frame OR INSIDE width between boatlift uprights.

Shore Station Steel Frame

Measure the inside width of the bottom of the frame in inches. Next,

count the loose ribs of the frame(don’t include the ends). The number of

ribs correlates with a specific length as follows:

7 ribs — 19′

8 ribs — 21′

9 ribs — 23′

10 ribs — 25′

Example: The inside width measures 98″ and I have 8 loose ribs, so my

frame is 21′ x 98″

Measuring Instructions for: Shoremaster, Harbormaster rounded corners & Triton.

Length= Measure total OUTSIDE  length OR Side channel (without ends) and add 36”

Width= Measure INSIDE width of frame or INSIDE width of boatlift uprights

Frame Measuring instructions for:  Great Lakes, Hewitt Flat & Hewitt Flared Ends.

Length= Measure total OUTSIDE Length of canopy frame.

Width= Measure total OUTSIDE Width of canopy frame.

Fabric Choices

Shelter-Rite is a "Made in America" quality vinyl product. Heavy duty tightly woven polyester fibers provide excellent tear, puncture & abrasion resistance. A high performance vinyl formulation keeps the vinyl pliable, crack and peel resistant, UV, mold, and mildew resistant. The 18 oz weight combined with heat sealed welded seams make Shelter-Rite vinyl the most durable and number one used vinyl in the marine industry. Flat matte, smooth finish makes clean up very easy.

Utilizing breakthrough UV technology, WeatherMax not only goes the distance with the long term color retention, but reaches far beyond for superior water resistance and durability. With engineered yarn memory, WeatherMax always maintains a sophisticated appearance and never exhibits unsightly sagging from age, rain or exposure. The Hydromax finish means no coatings for a cleaner environment and an excellent breathable fabric, for outstanding mold & mildew resistance. WeatherMax out-performs acrylic brand materials and "solution dyed polyesters" in color retention and abraision resistance. Welded seams take the place of sewn seams. The lightweight 8 oz per yard makes WeatherMax easy to install, a mere 1/3 of the weight of standard vinyl material, yet durable and long lasting. ** Please note: Weathermax is water repellent, not waterproof. Under periods of heavy downpour or wind driven rain, weathermax may experience water pushed through the fibers resulting in water seepage.

RECwater: The RECwater canvas is made of a solution-dyed acrylic fibers with PVC coating on one side, which makes it absolutely waterproof. The PVC coating is colored to match the color of the acrylic, making it possible to combine the elegance of the acrylic fabric with PVCs waterproof performance. The PVC coating is formulated to achieve perfect adhesion with the acrylic fabric. Unlike other products on the market, RECwater does not crack or roll and has excellent dimensional stability. RECwater weighs 16oz per yard, has excellent fade resistance, UW stable and treated with antimicrobial deterrents to combat mold and mildew.