Sirius C-1003 SOS Distress Light, Flag & Whistle, White Light LED Electronic Flare


C-1003 SOS Distress Light, Flag & Whistle (Electronic Flare)
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The Sirius SOS C-1003 Beacon Kit fulfills your boat's USCG Night, Day, and Audible Distress Signal requirements. The eVDSD SOS C-1003 Electronic Beacon/Flare comes with a day flag and whistle making it an all purpose signal alternative to pyrotechnic flares. The SOS C-1003 beacon is powered by three C size alkaline batteries to deliver high-performance using a programmable microprocessor. The processor controls the SOS flash pattern signal of the bright and potent LED. The batteries let the SOS C-1003’s beam lasts for hours compared to the minutes-long life span of traditional pyrotechnic distress. 

The Sirius Signal SOS C-1003 model provides family safety and ease of use. The optical design provides an omnidirectional light display to help both water surface rescue craft and aircraft flying overhead. The C-1003 has been designed to float high enough in water too allow up to 10 nautical mile visibility. The C-1003 fills all Coast Guard Compliant Visual Distress Signal (VDS) requirements (46 CFR 175.130) for recreational marine vessels 16 FT AND OVER signals when combined with the included Distress Flag and quality marine whistle to fulfill USCG audible signal requirements. 

  • Flashes USCG spec SOS signal for up to 60 hours
  • Runs four times longer than USCG requirements
  • Daytime orange distress flag included to fulfill daytime signal requirement
  • Quality marine whistle included to comply with USCG audible signal requirements
  • LED power: 75 candelas
  • Switch design: self-cleaning twist-on
  • Accidental switch activation protection
  • Requires 3-C alkaline batteries — included
  • Lanyard included
  • CE (European Union compliant) RoHS compliant
  • 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 8.5″ (height)
  • Weight without batteries: 0.41 lbs
  • Weight with batteries: 0.8 lbs
  • Shipping weight (with packaging): 1.7 lbs



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Looks well made but not tested yet... ;)


Funny I'm asked to provide a review on something that I'll use if my boat sinks... so not tested yet in real life situations!
<br>But it looks well made, it flashes when activated and it is obvious that it can be switched on, even with wet hands... Best I could give you!


Question: Does this product have and expiration date?
Answer: No it does not.




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