Force 10 3-Burner Gas Cooktop, Drop-In


3-Burner Gas Cooktop, Drop-In
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Mfg# 433340015301
LFS# FT43334
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Galleys never seem to have enough room! But Force 10's flush-mount, drop-in three-burner cooktop is a bit larger than the two-burner cooktop, it's still built with a compact design to free up precious countertop real estate. Yet you still get strong Btu output and construction of high quality polished stainless steel.
The 3 Burner gas cooktops comes with 3 different output burners for ultimate cooking flexibility. This unit is stainless steel and feature thermocouple protection and electronic spark ignition.
Plus, onboard cooking just got easier with the choice of using either propane or butane to power your burners. No worries--these stovetops feature thermocouple protection on each burner and electronic spark ignition.



3 Burner Drop-in
Model Reference43334
Fuel Type:Propane/Butane
Input Gas Pressure:30 mbar
Large Burner Output:(1) @ 8500 BTU (2.5 kW)
Medium Burner Output:(1)5975 BTU (1.75 kW)
Small Burner Output:(1) @ 3414 BTU (1 kW)
Spark Ignition:Yes
Electrical Requirement1.5 Volt DC (AA Battery)
Weight:9 lbs (4Kg)
Warranty:2 years
ApprovalsCE / AGA
Width18.3" (465mm)
Height3.15" (80mm)
Depth15.2" (385mm)
Installation Instructions (pdf)

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