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Top 10 items to keep on your boat at all times Go2Marine



Be highly prepared anytime you go boating. Part of being prepared is stocking your boat with items that will keep you safe and comfortable while out on the water. Keep these 10 items with you on your boat at all times.

    Life Jackets/Throwable Life Preservers (PFD - Personal Flotation Devices)

    People on your boat may not be wearing them at all times, but make sure you have life jackets on board that fit everyone and can hold their weight. Life preservers you can throw out to someone in the water can help you save lives in an emergency. Stock at least one to be prepared for any situations that may arise.
  2. Emergency Signal Flares/Audio Signaling Devices

    Signal flares are essential if you’re out on the water and need to be spotted so that someone can come to help you. Effective flares should give off high amounts of light and smoke to be visible at a distance. It’s also important to have audio signaling devices like a horn and whistle so you can alert nearby boats for help.
  3. A Bilge Pump

    A leak can be a major issue on a boat. That’s why your boat should be equipped with an automatic bilge pump. A hand-powered pump will come to the rescue if your onboard pump fails or you aren’t able to keep up with the water coming from the leak. You can also get a manual bilge pump to use if your electrical system fails or if you have a small amount of water in the boat.
  4. Fire Extinguisher

    Though fires are rare on boats, when one strikes it can be lethal. Every boat should have a fire extinguisher. Make sure the extinguisher is not expired, and you know how to use it.
  5. Plenty of Water When you’re out on the water and in the sun, dehydration can hit pretty quickly. Have plenty of water stocked on your boat for each person. Aim to have 16 ounces per hour per person.
  6. First Aid Kit

    A first aid kit is essential whenever you’re out boating. It comes in handy for cuts or other small injuries. A well-stocked first aid kit will also include sunscreen so that you can protect your skin against the sun.
  7. A Full Fuel Tank

    This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a common mistake made by boaters. Before you head out on the water, make sure your fuel tank is filled up and ready to go.
  8. Plenty of Rope and Anchor

    Rope has a thousand uses on a boat, which is why you should have plenty of it around. From tying yourself to the dock or securing items on board, you will always need rope while you’re boating.
  9. Tool Kit

    Your tool kit should include essential items such as duct tape, fast acting 2-part epoxy like JB Weld, a couple different size hose clamps and a small spool of wire. Also make sure you have a sharp knife, a multi-tool, and a boat hook or paddle for pushing off and docking the boat.
  10. Portable Waterproof VHF Radio / EPIRB

    A portable waterproof VHF radio and an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) are essential in case you need to communicate with nearby boats or land dispatchers. If there’s an emergency, having a radio and EPIRB on hand will help you get help quickly and avoid a bad situation.