Penetrol, Oil-Based Additive, Brushing Thinner, Penetrant and Finish

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Penetrol, Oil-Based Additive, Brushing Thinner, Penetrant & Finish, Quart
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  • Use alone to restore luster to faded fiberglass
  • Use as a paint additive for wood metal primer to increase penetration and adhesion
  • Add to enamels and spar finishes to reduce brush drag, pull and to facilitate leveling
  • Helps paint flow better - used as a brushing thinner, it eliminates brush and roller drag and lap marks
  • Use as a spraying thinner
  • Helps improve oil-based paint and primer penetration
  • Conditions metal to stop oxidation and prevent rust
  • Conditions fiberglass to restore color

Extremely popular, Penetrol has been used for over 55 years throughout the world as an additive to increase paint's brushability as well as penetration and adhesion. Penetrol is a versatile blend of natural oils with a powerful bonding ability and three times the penetration power of water. Penetrol is high in solids, low in odor, colorless, and non-toxic when dry - making it ideal for indoor use.

Penetrol creeps into the most minute crevices and pinholes of any surface where ordinary paint cannot enter. There it dries to a tough yet flexible finish, forming a powerful bonding film for the next coat of paint. Stable and durable, it compensates for the adverse effects that weather and surface conditions have on paint.

Penetrol can be used alone as a primer/sealer or added to oil/alkyd based paints, primers (wood or metal), varnishes and stains. It enhances their ability to spread and penetrate the surface being coated, allowing them to bond better and stick to almost anything - even glass.

Unlike thinners, Penetrol does not evaporate - it becomes a part of the paint mixture, increasing coverage per gallon.

Do NOT use Penetrol with 2-part paint coatings, acrylics, or water-based paints. Do not use it with chlorinated rubber or coal tar coatings. Always mix a small amount first, if not sure, to determine compatibility. The amount of Penetrol needed will not change the appearance of the dried paint. Penetrol makes it easy to get better results with wood primers and stains by compensating for wood porosity. Applied by itself in multiple coats, Penetrol can rejuvenate sun damaged wood like severely peeling window sills, etc. prior to painting. Penetrol stops untreated interior beams, panels and furniture from becoming dried out and dull. It nourishes the wood and highlights the grain with a rich lustrous finish. Being non-toxic when dry, Penetrol is ideal for indoor use. Also available as Penetrol Wood Oil when a hand rubbed finish is required. Penetrol makes it easy to protect wood against moisture attack and provides a sound base for paint and varnish. Penetrol seals and protects bare wood and makes sure that subsequent coats of paint will adhere firmly. Penetrol all surfaces and saturate the end grain which is most vulnerable to moisture attack. Where mould and mildew are a problem add VC175 Tropical Mould Killer to the paint for long term protection. For interior use, a specially scented Penetrol Wood Oil is available. Penetrol makes it easy to make your own wood stain. When coloured with universal tinter or mixed with 10-25% oil based paint or stain, Penetrol can give a wide variety of wood tone effects. Non-fading oxides or wood tone colors are recommended for exterior use. NOTE: To make a tough, durable solid hiding stain for wood decks, mix 20-30% of good quality oil based enamel with Penetrol. Penetrol makes it easy to restore faded wood stains. Exterior wood stains that have become dull from weathering can be made to look like new with 1 or 2 coats of Penetrol. The wood will also get added protection from the ravages of the weather.



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