SHOWA 282-02 TEMRES Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated - PU Coated gloves

$23.87 to $24.67
$23.87 to $24.67



  • Provides warmth with protection from liquids in cold conditions while allowing comfort of a breathable glove
  • Insulated liner provides barrier from cold ensuring warmth and comfort all day long
  • Liquid proof technology provides a barrier against water and liquids
  • Breathable technology allows warm air and moisture from inside to escape to keep your hands dry
  • Fixed insulated acrylic liner
  • Waterproof TEMRES technology

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Item #
SHOWA 282-02 TEMRES Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated - PU Coated gloves, 2X Large
Item #:562697-2XL
SHOWA 282-02 TEMRES Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated - PU Coated gloves, Medium
Item #:562697-Medium
SHOWA 282-02 TEMRES Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated - PU Coated Gloves, X-Large
Item #:562697-XLarge
SHOWA 282-02 TEMRES Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated - PU Coated Gloves, Large
Item #:562697-Large



Ratings & Reviews

46 reviews

Fishing For Ice


THE glove for ice climbing, believe it or not. Wacky to find it at a marine store, but I think this may be the only place in the country currently you can get your hands on (in?) these. The old 282s had a sizable following in the climbing/skiing sphere, but the addition of the cinch gauntlet makes this the one to grab.

Run small


Sizing for ice climbing: I usually wear XS or S in Black Diamond or Outdoor Research gloves; medium in these fits perfect.

Better than Santa


Great quality great price I placed my order on Dec 22 and it arrived Dec 24. How did you do that

Sizing, runs small


Great glove for the wet/cold backcountry. Sizing....runs small, Asian size. I normally wear a size L, had to reorder a size XL for bare hands. For use with a liner glove need size 2XL. Finger length seems short, but will work. Love that cinched cuff.

Great gloves for cold and wet activities.


Great price and very fast shipping. I wear small BD liner gloves, which fit under size L perfectly. Finger length is fine barehanded, but the palm/wrist is a little big, so they feel pretty loose. Cuff cinch works well either over or under jacket cuffs, depending on the jacket. Can't wait to dig snowpits in these!

Good choice in the Sierra Nevada winter


I've used these three weekends so far this winter in this mild Sierra Nevada winter. Two weekends alpine skiing at the resort, and then another weekend backpacking in Yosemite at 7200 feet.<br><br>I sized up to fit my liner gloves underneath this for more warmth on colder days, but I haven't really had to actually do so yet this winter. I also have a more expensive integrated pair of "ski gloves," but I've been using this inexpensive glove instead because I can better manage the warmth and protection I actually need at a given moment.<br><br>The gauntlet has a cinch that also works well as a keeper loop around your wrist to prevent losing it.<br><br>I hope these continue to be available in future years, as they're kind of hard to find in the United States.

Alpine Savvys..


Some love for G2M, and the source..

Robert Day


Best supplies.

Douglas Gormley



Dan Boehm


Impressed to find the item I was looking for. Easy website to shop and purchase from. Not thrilled to pay for shipping but I totally understand, (Amazon Prime has spoiled me).

Terry Erickson


Quick and easy!

Fantastic and a great price.


These gloves are fantastic and a great price.

Best cold weather glove period.


My go too cold or wet weather glove. Light insulation and warm. Keeps your hands dry. Use them for hiking, mountaineering and snow related activities. Usually wear a tight M or L. These I wear a 2XL.

Run small


I wear a size 7 which should have been a medium. Medium is too snug. Luckily I also bought a large. Comfortable, light, would be nice if the fleece inside was bound to the glove so it wouldn't pull out when you take them off. Should be able to fit a liner inside. We'll see how waterproof they are out on the pond.

Good gloves


The gloves are comfortable and grip well. I think they are reasonably warm, but it is not very cold here yet.

Not very warm


Sadly they were not very warm. I used them once to ride around town on my bike in 40° weather. My lobster bike gloves are 10x warmer.

Great Waterfowl Glove


Keeps hands dry and warm when setting decoys. Don’t pay the camo tax for gloves from a waterfowl brand, these are the real deal.

Mad scientist gloves


Got these for ice climbing and use them at work on ski patrol. The insides get a little damp if you sweat in them but the dexterity and grip are unmatched compared to a leather glove. 10 degrees and up I feel good being active and moving in these but not for stagnant activities. Used them on a snowmobile and hands didn’t get too chilly. Sooo waterproof. I have pinched them a few times in different things like knots and zippers but haven’t had any tears or cuts. I hold my ski edges and snowboard edges while carrying my gear, and haven’t had a slice yet. Can’t wait to test them further.

Ice Ice Baby


Excellent gloves for wet environments from hauling nets to climbing ice. Size up and pair with your favorite liner. Keeps hands impressively dry.

Great cold wet gloves


I bought these gloves for bicycling in cold rain, they have performed adequately down to 33 F.

Amazing value


Fantastic gloves - the addition of a gauntlet cinch makes them even better for outdoor recreation use than the previous versions. Never wet out, never leak, maintains grip down to downright frigid temps, actually breaths, and weighs next to nothing! At this price get a second pair to leave in the car - theyre great for clearing snow too

Best glove for my needs


This gloves are amazing !
<br>Cover a few things in my winter to do list ,ice climbing, winter kayaking or just shoveling the snow out in my driveway
<br>And For the price of 2 fancy lattes
<br>I own blackdimond gloves that cost over $100 and this is still my to go gloves , if extremely cold , I insert hand warmers pouches inside and they keep me going all day !
<br>Can’t recommended enough!
<br>Do yourself a favor and get 2 pairs !

Great Gloves


Well made and seem great for how small they can fold up and what they can do. The insulation is thin so if your hands run cold an underlayer would help. I've used them to put chains on my car. My intention is for backcountry skiing use. The sizes do run small as others have mentioned...I wanted to buy size small (size 7 hands) but they only have the Mediums. Turns out the Mediums fit me reasonably well, slightly loosely, maybe I'll fill the room with a very thin underlayer.

Unparalleled Dexterity


Based on other reviews I was excited to try these out! I’ve been using for them for splitboarding and they have been performing well. The dexterity is really unparalleled in a glove that will keep your fingers pretty warm. My first day out in them it was -10 Fahrenheit, it took 20 minutes for my fingers to warm up while skinning. On the way down my fingers did get really cold due to the wind chill and inactivity! But in more moderate temperatures, 10-20 degrees, they have been great while moving around and transitioning.<br><br>Being water proof they allow you to dig around in the snow without the worry of your mittens or gloves starting to soak through.<br><br>They do run small, I ordered larges and debated if I needed XLs upon trying them on, but after a number of uses the larges seem fine.

Great gloves for ice climbing and skiing


Great gloves for ice climbing and skiing (and even winter fly fishing). Size up, they run small.


Can the Showa 282 be submerged in water and keep the hands dry?
NIta H.

While the TEMRES are waterproof up to the cuff, they are not dry-suit waterproof. If submerged in water, there will be leakage in at the top of the cuff.
Rich S.