All About Dock Edging

You've made a big investment in your boat and the dock where you keep it. It’s time to protect that investment with the right combination of dock bumpers, dock fenders, dock corner bumpers and dock edging. We have high quality products that are designed and manufactured to resist U/V rays, salt water, and gas and oil spills from manufacturers like Dock Edge, Duramax Marine, Jim Buoy, and Taylor Made Products. Many of these products are manufactured right here in the USA using post consumer recycled materials.


What are Dock Bumpers / Dock Edging


Dock bumpers or dock fenders protect boats from damage by absorbing the impact of the boat when it bumps up against the dock. No matter how long you have boated, at some point you will bump up against the dock. Strong wakes or winds can also cause your vessel to bump up against the dock. Dock bumpers are an inexpensive investment to make compared to the damage that can be caused if your boat gets dinged up while at the dock. Dock edging will come in dozens of styles and materials and is used to run horizontally the length of the dock. Boat dock fenders and dock bumpers are shorter, thicker, and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


Types of Dock Bumpers / Dock Edging


Boat dock bumpers and dock edging are made from a variety of materials such as foam, PVC, Vinyl and rubber to name a few. This variety of materials allow manufacturers to design dock fenders for specific uses. Dock bumpers effectiveness is measured by Durometers. That is a scale (higher numbers are harder) that measures “hardness rating relative to a materials resistance to permanent indentation”. Manufacturers qualify their products as light, medium, or heavy duty based on that scale. PVC is the hardiest material for boat dock bumpers and can withstand harsh weather conditions, salt and UV light. Vinyl is another good choice and tends to keep its color. Foam is an expensive option and will need to be replaced every few years. Rubber is another option but the rubber can make marks on fiberglass boats. Dock edding can either lay flat against the dock or have an “L” shaped lip to protect your boat from the edge of the dock. Dock edging can come coiled, or in pre-cut sticks.


Selecting the Right Dock Edging for Your Dock


How do you determine the right combination of dock bumpers for your dock? Some variables to consider are weather conditions, tide shifts (you’ll need to cover more area with higher and lower tides), the size of your boat, the amount of traffic to and from the dock and in the marina, and how sheltered you are. Determine where the most likely impact points will be and make sure those parts of the dock are covered with dock edging. If you have a boat slip you will want to cover all 3 areas. For pilings, dock bumpers can be mounted in a vertical position or use a post bumper. The corner of the dock is probably the most dangerous point on the dock so it is important to protect it and your boat with a proper dock corner bumper or dock wheel. If you have a larger vessel, Duramax makes heavy duty dock fenders and dock bumpers. Contact us and we can special order those for you. Take a look at boat dock bumper warranty information, typically PVC dock dumpers last the longest, canvas or vinyl bumpers would need to be replaced more quickly.


However you end up protecting your boat from the dock make sure you also have cleats on your dock line ready for a smooth tie-up. Boat fenders should also be placed on the outside of your boat for extra protection. Contact our sales team if you have any questions on dock bumpers or dock edging.