FogMate Automated Horn Controller

$109.79 to $137.07
$109.79 to $137.07
  • Automatically sounds blast cadences for COLREGs conditions of limited visibility
  • Distress Mode repeatedly blasts SOS distress signal
  • Configurable for Motor, Sail, Motor/Sail Vessels
  • Anti-synchronization feature randomizes blast interval to assure vessels will hear each other
  • Waterproof helm label for brief operating instructions and reference for signals heard
  • Multiple installation configurations
  • Color coded labeling facilitates installation
  • Requires no additional switches
  • Can be configured with dedicated switches
  • Mounting tabs and stainless mounting screws included
  • Easy to install (10-15 minutes)
  • Includes all color coded wiring (2ft), quick-fit connectors and splices
  • Waterproof design - epoxy encapsulated
  • Small footprint requires little behind-the-helm space
  • Low power consumption
  • Illustrated manual covers installation, operation, and useful tips on safe operation in the fog
  • 1 year warranty
Once activated, select the appropriate blast pattern, and FogMate will take over operation of your vessel?s horn. You can operate your horn manually. If you need to change blast patterns you will need to power the FogMate controller OFF then back ON using your navigation light switch or ?foghorn? switch (depending on which installation type you chose.)

FogMate intelligently varies the silent period between horn blasts. The minimum silence is 113 seconds, and the maximum is 120 seconds. By incorporating random variations in the silent period, FogMate avoids the chance situation in which your vessel?s horn sounds at exactly the same time as another vessel?s horn. This situation could effectively synchronize your patterns with the other vessel and thus prevent either of you from hearing each other. By slightly altering the time between blasts on each cycle, you will never synchronize with another vessel.

Item #
Unit Length
Unit Width
FogMate Automated Horn Controller
Item # : 533487-24Volt
MPN : FogMate 24V
Description : FogMate Automated Horn Controller
Unit Length : 3"
Unit Width : 1.5"
Voltage : 24
FogMate Automated Horn Controller
Item # : 533487-12Volt
MPN : FogMate 12
Description : FogMate Automated Horn Controller
Unit Length : 3"
Unit Width : 1.5"
Voltage : 12

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