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Anchor Chain by Acco Chain

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Chain, Grade 30 ISO, Hot Dip Galvanized, Pail

Chain, Grade 30 ISO, Hot Dip Galvanized, Pail

Mfr. Acco Chain

Made of low carbon steel. All grade 30 chain is proof tested. Working load limits must not be exceeded. Not to be used for...
$269.51 - $363.74

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Polymer Coated, Hot Dip Galvanized Anchor Lead Chain

Polymer Coated, Hot Dip Galvanized Anchor Lead Chain

Mfr. Acco Chain

Hot dip galvanized and white polymer coated.
$217.89 - $224.60

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Products: 1 - 2 of 2
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Chain Length To Purchase.

I have a 2005 Searay 320 Sundancer 35’6 LOA. Some people tell me to buy 125’ of chain other’s 150’ What length of chain is recommended for my vessel??

Submitted by: StevenA

The length of chain is related to where you plan to go. If you think there is a chance of deep water moorage requiring up to 150 feet then I would suggest having it available - you do not want to come up short!

anchor chain

What is the size differance between 5/16" HT & BBB ? Will it matter which one being used on a windlass setup for 5/16" ?

Submitted by: Garrett

There is a chain link difference as well as a strength difference in 5/16"HT and 5/16" BBB. You would need to know what you windlass wildcat is set up to handle’ HT or BBB.

What was in it before? How big is the boat? People typically use 5/16" HT to reduce the weight over 3/8" BBB while still keeping the strength.

Chain size - Thick In - L In - W Out - L Out W - Link/ft. - WLL

5/16BBB - .343" - 1.00" - .50" - 1.69 - 1.19 - 12 1900#WLL

5/16HT - .330" - 1.03" - .50" - 1.69 - 1.16 - 11.7 3900#WLL

It really depends how fussy your wildcat is. Some run 5/16" BBB and HT - others will only run what they were designed for. 5/16" chain just happens to be the closest - if it were 3/8", they are entirely different chains where one has 11 links per foot compared to 9.8.

Anchor Chain Length

How is the length of anchor chain determined?

Submitted by: Rob

If you are not running an all chain rode, the typical rule of thumb is 1-2 boat lengths.

If you are anchoring a fair bit, spending nights on the anchor then use 2 times the length of the boat for the chain.

You can save weight by going down one size and using HT (High Test). eg - 1/4" HT instead of 5/16" chain.

windlass chain

I have a 46’ Bertram sportfish weighing approx. 53,000 lb. loaded. My thoughts regards anchor chain are to use at least 5/16 " High Test but probably 3/8 " HT would be better. Any thoughts?

Submitted by: lloyd marsh

The chains that we recommend for your boat 3/8" HT. 5/16" HT (3/8" BBB) is fine for a vessel up to about 28,000#’s.

Cutting a roll of bulk line

Your part number 11855 600 foot spool of 3/8" anchor line is . Can you send me 150’ for ?

Submitted by: Bruce Bennett

This line is sold by the spool only (hence the great price). There is no cutting of that bulk line. We do also sell rope by the foot.

3/8" sold by the foot is Here.

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