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Building or buying a stern pulpit

I am looking for a stern pulip for my 1981 Hunter 22. any clue as to were I could get one. I prefer new but would take a used one if need be.


You can fabricate yours with Rail Fittings, Stainless Steel Tube or Stantions. For a smaller boat, it can be cost prohibitive to buy a new stern pulpit - but building it is affordable.

For used, that will be a challange. Most people want to hang onto their stern pulpit. Check your local boat yards.

Submitted by: jpfister

Rigging the Jib Sheet for a 1970's Johnson Sailboat

I just purchased my first sail boat. A Johnson x class sailboat from the 1970s. I’m not sure how the rigging for the jib sheet is supposed to go, but I was thinking of using some kind of pulley and cleat on a track. Something similar to what is shown in a book (this is sailing). They use a sunfish for an example boat in the book. Is this a good idea to use. Or can I get help (pictures) how the rigging originally was on the Johnson boat.

Submitted by: Mike

OK - I will try to address all that could possibly be what you are reffering to, working from forward, aft;

The Jib Sheet attaches to the clew of the sail. The sheets typically run down both sides of the cabin, aft, to a pulley (block) on a track. The jib sheet then wraps on the winch (bigger boat) or just a cleat (small boat).

If you do not have a track, a track and car / block system can be purchased.

Do you have RWO halyard jammers?

I am looking for RWO p# R8160 halyard jammers. I am in need of 4. Anyone know where I may purchase them?


I don’t know for sure, but I believe these halyard jammers have been discontinued. You might try calling some of the older chandleries and checking their stock.

Submitted by: richard

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