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Johnson - Evinrude Outboard Engine Parts

johnson evinrude engine parts finder
Go2marine carries a complete selection of marine engine parts for Johnson - Evinrude Outboard Engines and related cooling, electrical, exhaust, fuel, internal and drive systems. Contact our experienced Johnson - Evinrude Marine Engine mechanics to help you choose the correct part for your Johnson - Evinrude Marine Outboard...

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Johnson 50hp Shocking from Engine Case While Running

My 1980 50hp outboard produces a pretty stout shock when you touch the engine case when it is running. It also runs okay at idle but surges and quits when you try to give it a little more throttle. I have replaced powerpack and coils with no effect. What do you think my problem is?

Submitted by: Leo

That sounds like a coil issue. Make sure the coils and wires are in good shape and not arcing. This may also be a powerpack issue but hard to tell from here.


When u change a injecktor do u have to set it first or just put it in on a johnson out board?

Submitted by: jeff

No adjustment is needed on this Johnson-Evinrude model.


Need sparkplugs for 1999 70 horsepower johnson outboard engine

Submitted by: Dewey

The link below will take you to the sparkplug section. You will need a BPR6ES.

NGK Spark Plugs

water jet

I have a 1976 Johnson 115 hp. I see pissers on all other engines but not mine, I just have two about half inch exhausts. I don’t know if I even have a pisser to keep the engine from over heating.

Submitted by: dalton

Your engine does not have the water discharge tube. It came out in the 80s.

Sparkplugs for a 2005 Johnson 50hp 4 stroke

I have a 2005 Johnson 50hp 4 stroke on my pontoon boat. It is idling rough and makes me believe that I have a fouled plug. I can’t find the part number for replacement plugs. The boat is in the water at the cottage, so very difficult to take one out to get the number. On my other boats, I prefer NKG as opposed to Champion as they seem to perform better. Can you give me the plug number?

Submitted by: Jim

The NGK part number is DCPR6E.

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