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Anchor Windlasses & Windlass Parts by API Marine

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Windlass Motor, 12 volt, WM 100N

Windlass Motor, 12 volt, WM 100N

Mfr. API Marine | Mfr No. WM100N

Windlass Motor, 12 volt, WM 100N...

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Products: 1 - 1 of 1
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foot switch cover

I’ve lost the safett cover for my Quick white down switch. It looks like it just snaps into the side of the switch. Can you get one of these, or do I have to buy a complete switch?

Thank you.

Submitted by: Rick

Go2marine has the Complete Quick Foot Switches for your windlass.

replacement electric windless motor

I am looking for a source to purchase a 12v replacement motor for my old Goode Windlass. Anyone know of such an outlet?

Submitted by: jim

I need (1 gypsy 10mm) for my Quick model

I need (1 gypsy 10mm) for my Quick model name and r : Antares 1012 D
Delivery time and Price

Submitted by: ali

The Gypsy 10mm is available by special order. The price for this item is 236.35$ (12.13.2011). There is a 6 week lead time on this part.

my quick G 1000 D became slow

After using my QUICK G 100D horizontal winch for 4 years, it became slow. Is there anything I can do to service it or it needs replacement??

Submitted by: dimitris

There is two things that can cause an electric motor to slow down (act tired).

One, check the electrical wire - is it getting how? Are the relays getting how? corrosion?

Two, there is a lubrication / wear issue. Are all the mechanical parts moving freely? Check that there is no binding or drag.

lighthouse windlass

I have a lighthouse windlass and would like to change it to hydraulic from 12v. Are hydraulic motors sold separately?

Submitted by: brad

Yes, the motor can be purchased separately.

There is also a kit that allows you to remove the 12v motor and replace it with the entire hydraulic system that would have come with an original Hydraulic Lighthouse Windlass (valves, control box, wiring, motor, adapter and shaft).

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