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Rain Suits

Rain Jackets and Bibs or Pants sold as a set.
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mens Xtra Large Rainsuit

I purchased a suit that was donated to a hockey team auction and it is missing the hood but the jacket has snaps for a hood to be attached. Any chance I can purchase the hood only?

Submitted by: JMullins

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the only separate hoods we sell are for Mustang Float Coats. The chances of these actually having the same snap pattern as your rain suit are slim.

Your best bet might be to contact the manufacturer of the rain suit to find out if the offer such a thing.

Which rain suit is the most comfortable?

I am looking for rain suits for my husband & myself that can be used on our boat as well as at sporting events. Which rain suit is the most comfortable?

Submitted by: Sally

Thanks for your inquiry Sally. Many people find that buying separate jacket and pants or bibs give more freedom to get the best fit and function. Some people want or need heavier duty protection from the rain on top than legs and some just the opposite. With separate pieces, you can dial in to the gear best suited to your needs both on and off the boat.

Sytle and matching colors aren’t a worry since many brands like Grundens and Dutch Harbor make coordinated tops and bottoms. You can shop our collection of Rain Jackets
and Rain Pants sure to keep you dry.

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