Parker RK6166301 Fuel Filter/Water Separator - Replacement Bowl Non-Heated

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Parker RK6166301 Fuel Filter/Water Separator - Replacement Bowl Non-Heated
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Technical Specifications

  • Heater: Replacement bowl - non-heated
  • Flow Rate: 150 gph / 568 lph
  • For Fluid Type: Diesel Fuel / B20
  • Product Series: Cartridge FF/WS, GreenMax
  • Materials of Construction: Plastic
  • Additional Options: RK32037 Change Indicator, None
  • Application: Diesel Engines
  • Water Sensor Option: See Product Overview tab

Item Information

Today’s sensitive high-pressure diesel fuel injection systems demand complete removal of damaging water and solid contaminants. At the same time, fuel additives mixed with diesel and biodiesel have made fuel contaminant and water removal more challenging than ever before. The Racor GreenMAX™ Series integrated fuel filter/water separator provides the protection you need in a harsh fuel world. It can accommodate fuel flows up to 150 gph (568 lpm), and features optional heating features for use in extreme cold environments.

GreenMAX fuel filters offer efficient removal of both bulk and emulsified water, low restriction of fuel flow, and high dirt-holding capacity. At the heart of the system is progressive, dual-stage coalescing and filtration delivered by the patented Aquabloc® filter element, which is available in “2”, 10 or 30 micron.

Aquabloc® Depth Coalescer media is also available as an option. It was developed for OEM customers who require unsurpassed emulsified water removal efficiency in poor quality and biodiesel blended fuels. Depth Coalescers use a multi-stage system consisting of a primary element where fuel and emulsified water flow through several engineered layers of ultra-fine and densely packed fibers. These fibers attract the emulsified water from the fuel, allowing fine water droplets to form along the fibers as the fuel and water pass through.
As the fine water droplets emerge from the other side, a final screen “release” layer gathers the water drops into larger sizes. Next, a secondary element presents a final barrier media, which stops and gathers the water droplets until they are large enough to fall into the bowl. Particulate capture takes place throughout the primary stage.
GreenmMAX Series fuel filters are available in two heating options:
Return-fuel heating technology – Return-fuel heating technology uses engine-warmed fuel returning to the tank. The warmed fuel is injected ahead of the fuel filter to provide on-demand heat for nonstop cold weather operation. The introduction of warmed fuel melts any dissolved paraffin that separates from the diesel fuel at temperatures below the fuel’s “cloud point”, before it can restrict fuel flow during filtration. When the fuel temperature reaches optimum temperature, the return fuel recirculation valve automatically redirects the excess warmed fuel back to the tank.

In-bowl heater (12V or 24V) - To bring fuel quickly to operating temperatures in very cold conditions, an optional 200W in-bowl heater is available. The in-bowl heater is thermostatically controlled and self-regulating, automatically shutting down once target fuel temperature is achieved.

To summarize GreenMax fuel heating options: Electric heaters help you get started, while hot fuel recirculation keeps you running.

Notes on Water-in-Fuel detection (WIF) probe:
• Water in Fuel Sensor (WIF) male connector and remote electronics are ordered separately
• If your installation has an existing “Ampseal” WIF harness male connector you can connect directly.
• If your installation has an existing WIF system but the connector is not an “Ampseal” part, then order RK33803 kit and splice in the included male connector.
• If your Engine Control Module (ECM) requires a resistor, then refer to (Engineer Bulletin) EB00007. You will need to change out the existing bowl probe and possibly splice in the connector to the existing harness.
• If you are not working with an ECM, then order RK33803 and consult bulletin 7699 for an electronic water detection module (signal amplifier) for installation.

• Diesel and Biodiesel Engines

• Removes water that enters the system through condensation in the fuel tank. Any water present in the fuel stream will support bacterial growth, which can cause clogged filters and result in the formation of corrosive acids. Susceptible components then rust and corrode, leading to erosion and wear of critical fuel system components.
• Engineered for return on investment, with low cost filter change-out and environmentally friendly filter disposal.
• Integrated heating options enable high performance in extreme cold
• Prevents costly injector damage and increases operational life of downstream filters.
• Saves time and money by eliminating unplanned maintenance and unscheduled downtime from system component failure.
• Aquabloc® cartridge barrier media filter elements are available in “2”, 10, 30 micron ratings so that protection can be tailored to the application, fuel quality, operating environments and service schedules.
• Aquabloc® Depth Coalescer elements are available for heavy duty applications using biodiesel blended fuels, and provide insurance against poor quality fuel.
• Compatible with biodiesel to B20.

Features and Specifications:
• Clear, high-impact chemical resistant bowl with quick-turn, self-venting drain
• Heavy-duty multi-port aluminum cast mounting head assembly
• Integrated hand priming pump option or fill port
• Dual inlet/outlet ports
• Low restriction at high flow rates 150 gph (568 lph)
• Patented filter valve mechanism prevents clean side contamination and flow back
• Easy mounting using 3/8” through bolt or M8 bolt from back
• Optional fuel filter service indicator – change filter when needed
• Optional water-in-fuel sensor system
• Fuel Ports: 7/8”-14 UNF (SAE J1926)
• Ambient Temperature Range: -22°F to +212°F (-30°FC to +100 °C), Max. Fuel Temp: 158°F (70°C)
• Clean Pressure Drop (@150 GPH): 0.5 PSI (0.03 bar), Maximum Allowable Pressure: 30 PSI (2.07 bar)
• Bowl Capacity: 10.1 oz (300 ml)



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