Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer Lure With E-Chip, Size 1.5", Watermelon

Kokanee Killer Lure w/ E-Chip, Size 1.5", Watermelon, KK10-409
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Mfg# KK10-409
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Product Description 

The Pro-Troll Kokanee Killer finishes are the colors Kokanee prefer. The Red Pearl is pinkish red on one side then fading to white. This lure trolls with very good darting action down to 1.2 MPH. 

Its electronic EChip nerve pulse emitter and its raised eyes put it well ahead of the competition in catching kokanee. It comes in two sizes. Size 1 is 1.5" long. Size 2 is 2" long. Pro-Troll size 1 and 2 Kokanee Killers are consistent producers. They have tremendous darting action even at slow trolling speeds. Kokanee are very sensitive to nerve pulses coming from baitfish. The Pro-Troll EChip puts out tiny electrical pulses which exactly duplicate the nerve pulses of baitfish. 

The size 2 Kokanee Killers are equipped with a third rigging hole for extra slow trolling. When the leader is threaded through the third hole the lure rides at a much steeper angle thereby allowing good action at very slow speeds. Instructions are on the back of each packaging card.



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