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Sea-Fire FM-200 Automatic Fire Extinguishers, FT (Flexible Tubing) Series

Sea-Fire FM-200 Automatic Fire Extinguishers, FT (Flexible Tubing) Series
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$485.21 - $786.00

This Automatic Boat Fire Extinguisher is a great solution for protecting hard to reach compartments in your boat. The Stinger model FT Series Sea-Fire FM-200 Automatic Fire Extinguishers employ a high tech polymer tubing that ruptures when the temperature in the hazard environment goes beyond 175° F (79° C) releasing the FM-200 agent directly onto or near the source of the fire.

NOTE: See shipping restrictions below for Haz Mat classification

  • Volume = Maximum volume of protection
  • Automatic fire protection for small compartments and enclosures
  • No power required for activation
  • Utilizes FM-200 agent
  • Quick, easy installation in minutes, no mounting Acc. required
  • Low pressure switch that monitors leaks or activation
  • Suitable for for use from 0°F to 130°F
  • Non-refillable
  • CE Approved
  • All FT (Stinger) Models are approved for Vertical Mounting Only
  • Not Coast Guard Approved
  • Not FM Approved
  • Three year manufacturer warranty
  • Extinguishers are filled per order and are non-returnable

The specialized tubing has been tested and proven effective in small, enclosed, hard to reach areas. The tubing is very durable; combines leak resistance, flexibility, and precise temperature sensitivity. The tubing responds quickly to excessive temperature increases in the hazard environment, providing rapid yet effective fire suppression.

Shipping Restrictions:

  • Cannot be shipped by USPS
  • Australian Regulations prevent shipment of this product to Australia
  • Orders for multiple quantities will be quoted shipping as hazmat fees are charged per box.
  • International Shipments and orders of multiple Haz Mat products require a shipping quote that will be sent to you for approval prior to product shipment

Part No. Mfr No. Volume Length of Tube Diameter X Height Weight Unit Leaves Warehouse* List Price
Your Price
FT25A, Stinger FM-200 Fire Extinguisher
100420 FT 25 A 25 cu. ft. 10 ft. 3.0" X 15.25" , (78 X 343 mm) 4.5 lbs Each 5 Days Hazardous Shipping $525.48
FT100A, Stinger FM-200 Fire Extinguisher
100457 FT 100 A 100 cu. ft. 15 ft. 4.1" X 21" , (104 X 432 mm) 9.1 lbs Each 5 Days Hazardous Shipping $709.72
FT125A, Stinger FM-200 Fire Extinguisher
100458 FT 125 A 125 cu. ft. 15 ft. 5.1" X 23" , (130X 457 mm) 13.5 lbs Each 5 Days Hazardous Shipping $798.53
FT150A, Stinger FM-200 Fire Extinguisher
100459 FT 150 A 150 cu. ft. 15 ft. 5.1" X 23" , (130X 457 mm) 19.75 lbs Each 5 Days Hazardous Shipping $851.24
FT75A, Stinger FM-200 Fire Extinguisher
100456 FT 75 A 75 cu. ft. 10 ft. 3.5" X 21.50" , (89 X 432 mm) 7.6 lbs Each 5 Days Hazardous Shipping $620.20
* Leaves Warehouse: Does not include Weekends and Holidays.
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Additional Description
Sea-Fire was the first fire extinguisher manufacturer to utilize the renowned FM-200 agent for marine applications. FM-200 is the most accepted and safest extinguishing agent on the market. FM-200 is safe for use in occupied spaces and engine compartments, it is the same compound used in pharmaceutical asthma inhalers. FM-200 is electrically nonconductive, residual free and will not cause thermal shock damage. It is also environmentally safe; it is accepted under the U.S. EPA's Significant New Alternatives Policy and is an accepted replacement for products banned under the Montreal Protocol. FM-200 has zero ozone depletion potential and is recoverable and recyclable at the end of its useful service life.

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