Samson, Solid Braid Polyester

Mfr: Samson
$0.15 to $0.75
$0.15 to $0.75

Samson, Solid Braid Polyester line is ideal for small boats as it resists UV degradation, stays flexible and doesn't shrink or harden. Great for use on sheets and halyards, flag halyards. This solid braid polyester stays firm, round, and flexible while resisting abrasion, rot, mildew, mold, UV degradation, and most chemicals.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Remains flexible with use
  • Resists rot, mildew, mold, and most chemicals
  • UV resistant
  • Core and Cover are Polyester
  • Specific Gravity: 1.38
Note: Contact us for continuous lengths over 500'

Item #
Avg. Strength (Lbs)
Working Load (Lbs)
Samson Rope, Solid Braid Polyester #10, 5/16", Foot
Item #:532277-5/16"
Diameter: 5/16"
Size: #10
Avg. Strength (Lbs): 1600
Working Load (Lbs): 240
Samson Rope, Solid Braid Polyester #12, 3/8", Foot
Item #:532277-3/8"
Diameter: 3/8"
Size: #12
Avg. Strength (Lbs): 2200
Working Load (Lbs): 326
Samson Rope, Solid Braid Polyester #6, 3/16", Foot
Item #:532277-3/16"
Diameter: 3/16"
Size: #6
Avg. Strength (Lbs): 620
Working Load (Lbs): 93
Samson Rope, Solid Braid Polyester #4, 1/8", Foot
Item #:532277-1/8"
Diameter: 1/8"
Size: #4
Avg. Strength (Lbs): 310
Working Load (Lbs): 47
Samson Rope, Solid Braid Polyester #8, 1/4", Foot
Item #:532277-1/4"
Diameter: 1/4"
Size: #8
Avg. Strength (Lbs): 1100
Working Load (Lbs): 158

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Question: How much does Samson, Solid Braid Polyester rope stretch?
Zac K.

Answer: Samson shows no elongation at up to 30% of the ropes breaking strength. Polyester braided ropes typically show a 12-15% stretch at break.

Polyester ropes do not have the stretch of nylon and are very general purpose. They are often used for rigging on sails.
Ric B.


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