Boat Coolers


It would be interesting to know what came first. The cooler or the boat? In any case they are almost synonymous because where there is a boat there is sure to be a cooler, or two. Whether the boat cooler is for beer, bait, food or ultimately the pending catch, boaters love them all the same.


Cooler manufacturers have specifically manufactured accessories to marinize their coolers or even have product lines specific to the marine industry. A cooler aboard a boat is bound to become a piece of furniture within a short time and with that in mind manufacturers have manufactured coolers by making them a little sturdier.


That said there are manufacturers that manufacture a boat cooler seat that incorporates a back rest. A boat seat cooler equipped with a back rest such as the ‘Swing Back Cooler Seat’ from Todd Marine®, is capable of being flipped forward allowing a person to sit comfortably facing the opposite direction. The lid of a boat seat cooler swings in one direction thus one might need to swing that backrest out of the way to gain access, a relatively minor issue. The back rest is usually upholstered, and a cushion is available for the seat making them very comfortable.


Additional marine coolers are available that are more commercial in appearance and according to the manufacturer have better insulation and hold the cold in longer. Robust marine coolers are equipped with solid closures, have lids with rubber gaskets and one or two drain holes.


For the mariner that is tired of soggy wet defrosted bait, or the beer floating around in warmish water, there is the Cadillac of ice chests. These are referred to as battery powered coolers or battery powered ice chests.


Electric Portable Ice-Chests


Call them what you like, they work amazingly well. These electric coolers are typically a fancy cooler with a little compressor that works just like the refrigerator at home. Voltage requirements vary from model to model although it is uncommon to find one that does not operate on 12volts DC. Some are not voltage selective and can accept various voltages. Some can operate on AC or DC current. Depending on the type, they can function as a refrigerator keeping things cold, or dial them way down to freeze products or keep frozen items frozen, either way they draw very little power.


Many of the reputable manufacturers of coolers and mobile refrigerators such as Dometic®, Camco® and Coleman® are producing these handy battery ice chests. A portable power coolers such as the CFX3-55IM from Dometic® are controllable via blue tooth from one’s smart phone with the appropriate app.


Other great features of these powered coolers are that one can unplug the unit from the boat, take it to the car and plug it in without a loss in temperature. Upon arrival at the house, it can then be removed from the car and plugged into a source of power where it will continue working where it left off. Gone are the days of inconsistent cooling and welcome to the ultimate convenience of cold on demand.