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Marine Electrical Panels


Upgrading or repairing your boat’s electrical panel can be a daunting task for many. Depending on the size of your boat and boat electrical panel, you may need a simple DC marine electrical panel board for small boats or you many need AC/DC marine electrical distribution panels for larger recreational and commercial vessels. The top boat electrical panel manufacturers include Paneltronics, Blue Sea Systems, and Sea-Dog.


Purchasing a Marine Electrical Panel


There are three types of boat electrical panels. One type is the ready-to-go panel that is sitting on the shelf, preconfigured. Ready-made marine electrical panels come with varying numbers of switches, amps and voltages. The next type is a semi-custom panel where you can choose from a pre-set number of breakers, meters and labels. Lastly, if you need a complete custom marine electrical panel solution, Blue Sea and Paneltronics have come up with an easy solution on how to figure out what you need. Blue Sea Systems has a panel configuration tool and on any of the custom panels for Paneltronics, you can download a form, fill it out and email it to us. An engineer or technician will look over your request to make sure the panel works for your application. When choosing a custom panel, you can choose the amperage and the labeling of each switch/breaker on the marine electrical panel board, and can also add an enclosure. If you need help with ordering a boat electrical panel, just give us a call.


Boat Panel Parts and Related Products


If you just need to repair your boat electrical panel, we also carry replacement breakers, fuses and meters. If you need to add a switch or plug while rewiring your boat, we carry those as well. In order to install the panel you may need to do some rewiring on your boat and we offer wire sold by the foot or spool as well as wire connectors and wiring tools.