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Anchoring and Mooring Hardware by Attwood Marine

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Attwood, Lift And Lock Anchor Control

Attwood, Lift And Lock Anchor Control

Mfr. Attwood Marine

Attwood, Lift And Lock Anchor Control. Easy-to-use anchor lift and pulley system supports anchors up to 20 pounds with 1/4" to 7/16" diameter line...
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mooring buoy

Please advise how I can best install a mooring system for our 6 Angler 18’ boats.
Presently we set a stern anchor and tie the bow up to our dock.
I would like to use mooring balls with the propper Mooring Bouy hardware fitted so that when our clients come back from a trip they can grab the mooring bouy, attache a sternline and then tie up the bow to the dock.
we have a sandy bottom, so i plan to use sand screws, with a chain attached to it.
The weight of the chain should keep the boats away from the dock but still make it easy to board the boat from the dock. We have max 5’ tidal range here in the Bahamas.
I would appreciate your input.
Are all your mooring bouys made out of hard shell? I am concerned that our new boats will get scratched up when hitting those bouys?

Submitted by: Yves

Use a screw anchor, to chain, to a rope that has a loop through an Eva Fender. The rope/loop/eye at the top of the fender.

Mooring balls are a bit hard (they are all hard shell) and can leave a mark. You could use galvanized threaded rod through the Eva, but something heavy like 3/4 line and an eye at both ends with no slack on the fender would make the fender into a friendly buoy. It would stand up and be easy to identify.

You could get away with a 6-8" Screw Anchor.

Eva Fenders - something like the 31 x 10

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