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Your boat engine will perform better and longer with clean oil and our selection of Oil Change Tools will let you get the job done easier and faster. Let's face it, if the job is easier it's more likely to get done, so get the right tools and get the job done right.

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Oil Filter Wrench
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Finding the Best Oil Change Pump for Your Boat's Engine


An oil change pump is a must in every boat mechanics toolbox. In time the inboard boat engine or onboard generator will require an oil change and what is perceived as a simple endeavor on land is unfortunately a bit more problematic on a boat. Onboard we do not have the luxury of getting underneath the engine and removing the oil drainplug so to facilitate an oil change, some boat engines have an OEM supplied oil extractor pump fitted to the side of the engine. For the fortunate, the boat manufacturer could have installed an oil change system consisting of a manifold and an electrically operated oil change pump to aid in changing the oil.


Luckily for the less fortunate there are many options that make changing the oil of and onboard engine much simpler such as a portable oil change pump for a boat. Small portable hand pumps such as the Jabsco® oil change pump or the Moeller® oil change pump that are fitted with a flexible hose that is inserted down into the dipstick tube is one such option. Then there is the oil change pump extractor or fluid extractor. These units consist of a reservoir and a manual suction pump. As with the portable hand pump, a hose is inserted into the dipstick tube and a vacuum is created with the pump. The oil is sucked into the reservoir by the created vacuum from where it can be properly disposed of.


If considering a fluid extractor, one should size it in comparison to the oil capacity of the engines. There is also a portable electric option. These units range from having an electric pump with hoses attached or an electric pump attached to a reservoir to receive the used oil. It is also easy to add a boat oil change pump to an engine compartment or engine room. Choosing an oil change pump for a boat is not complicated with the help of manufacturers such as Marco®, Jabsco® or Sea Dog® to name a few.


All have electric pumps, readymade manifolds and fittings that take the guesswork out of trying to figure out a solution for a permanently installed oil change system. Whatever oil extractor system is considered, having the option of using the system to add oil to the engine might be worth consideration. It is always recommended changing the oil filter when changing the lube oil. Here, a good working oil filter wrench will come in handy. There are many designs and most of them work well depending on how much room is available. Whether one is in the market for a manual or electric pump for oil changes, Go2Marine stocks everything one needs, with competitive pricing.


Boat Engine Oil Change Tools


No oil change is complete without a few necessities such as rags, replacement oil, oil diapers, and replacement filters. For larger marine engines or boats with multiple engines acquiring oil from a car parts store is not practical and it is better to purchase in bulk from a chandlery. This is not only more economical but does away with having to open a bunch of small containers and adding them one at a time.