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Battery Selector Switches by Hella Marine

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Hella Marine, Battery Master Switch, On / Off Disconnect, 50 Amp

Hella Marine, Battery Master Switch, On / Off Disconnect, 50 Amp

Mfr. Hella Marine | Mfr No. 002843011

Hella Marine, Battery Master Switch, On / Off Disconnect, 50 Amp. Allows interruption of the main battery cable for effective protection against unauthorized use of the boat...

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Products: 1 - 1 of 1
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Amplifier install question

I am installing an amplifier for my stereo and it will be mounted right next to the three batteries that run my trolling motor. Is it ok to power the amplifier by hooking it to one of my trolling motor batteries? If so, do I run any risks since all three batteries are hooked up together?

Submitted by: James

It is not too much of a risk. The only thing is that the amplifier is going to draw down the trolling motor batteries, but since you have 3 of them that might take quite awhile. It will be drawing off all three batteries, it sounds like, which is not a bad thing, as long as you keep an eye on the state of charge of the batteries.

adding a second battery

I have a 2001 90hp merc O/B 2 stroke model #1090412YD sserial # OT270670. Can I add a second battery and will the alternator be able to charge both?

Submitted by: Gary Kolenda

You can add a second battery. You only have a 16 amp stator so charging can be a bit slow.

Universal Mount Battery Selector Switch, 4 Position, 2111A

Hi Go2Marine, we are a chandlery in Perth Western Australia, post code 6025. Can you please give me a price on 2 of the above Guest battery switches with freight. We have a customer requiring two and no reliable wholesale outlet for Guest in this part of the world. Also advise your preferred method of payment. Thanks for your assistance.

Submitted by: Steve Marwick

We do carry a full line of Battery Switches and ship all over the world on a regular basis.

We have several freight options depending on your shipping address. Just enter your address in the on-line cart and the shipping wil be calculated.

Wwe accept all major credit cards, paypal and wire transfer.

Do you offer a selector switch that is push button?

We want to operate a car using 2 separate batteries. We need a switch that will allow us to operate on battery #1 one day, then on battery #2 the next, alternating days and batteries; we want to use a push button switch from inside the vehicle to accomplish this. Can you make this happen?

Submitted by: Larry McLellan

Due to high amp loads, there are no battery selector switches that are ’push button’. You have two real world options:

1. Use a Rotary selector Switch like you see here.

2. Install a Battery Isolator so that when you draw from one battery (like for lights and music), you will still have the other battery for starting.

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